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The · El-Jay · Mafia

Ranters and Venters Only

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So, I thought I'd post...almost a year later since the last post to comment that its really shitty that none of us have anything to rant about.

BOO on us.



Don't mind me. =P

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so today i decided for lunch i wanted something good. so i went to Tim Horton's and got a turkey club. the lady that was making it seemed extremely pissed off about having to make it. its like if you dont want to make them dont put it on the damn menu. they always seemed pissed when i order it. also it was at like 9:15 in the morning so she had to cook some bacon and stuff. if you dont want to make them that early then limit the time of sale on them! stupid!

and they always screw up my order. most of the time when i say i want it toasted they dont toast it. when i say no tomato they put tomato. one time the lady almost fucking forgot the bacon! if theres not bacon then its not a club! stupid lady! go back to mexico! work in a sweatshop. i also saw the lady scratch her ear.....its like WTF thats gonna be touching my lettuce and turkey and everything else! what the fuck you dirty mexican!!! go work at taco bell where youll know what youre doing!

and this is more proof that fast food workers are beyond retarded.
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I hate those god damn IT people. They rule over the computers at work and tell us what we can and can't do. I got a "warning" today that my internet use is not acceptable because I look at more personal than work related web sites. No one at those damn town departments use the internet for work. Fuckers.
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why do people feel the need to divulge information that i could care less about?

let me expand on this: there is this chick in our office who talks about her messed up life continuously. and when i say messed up, i mean it x 100. i dont know how this girl does it, how she functions with all of her issues and all of her boyfriend's family's issues and all this crap. its like her life couldn't function without the drama.

i would tell her to shut the fuck up, but she's not even talking to me, shes talking to another woman in my office, but she talks so loud. i hate when she comes in to work. argh.

ok, thats it for my rant. not even really a rant. lol.

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they finally did it! they pushed me too fucking far. i was driving up south park and came to the intersection at tift st. so a cop decides to bust a U-ey and start coming back to the intersection. the light turns green. he flips on his lights and decides to go left through the intersection as im going straight the. the fucker was 2" away from hitting me! so i look at him dead in the eye, throw up my middle finger and said "FUCK YOU!" and i took off. hahahahahaha it was fucking great! dont mess with me pig mother fuckers!!!
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You know who bothers me? MARTHA FUCKING STEWART! She's getting all this press now because she just got out of prison. And not a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison (Office Space). No no. It was a resort prison called Camp Cupcake. WTF!?!? They didn't do anything vigourous except clean. What the hell? Martha Stewart does that anyway! I bet she decorated her cell... Actually, she probably didn't even have a cell; she probably had a suite. Why do people like her?! She's evil! She makes nasty foods and turns mothers into deco-bots. Does anyone know why she was in prison in the first place? Because she's a greedy bitch! And I randomly saw this K-Mart commercial. Looks like Martha Stewart Sheets are on sale. Son of a bitch! Greedy!!! AndI was watching this thing, and they were talking about her breeding chinchillas. What!? Who the fuck breeds chinchillas!?

Speaking of greedy bastards, they all bother me. Rich people that know they're rich, won't share the wealth, and keep looking to get more money. Fuck you!! You're the reason why this country is a piece of shit! Yeah, buy your fancy cars and mansions while there are people in this country (and the world) that don't know where their next meal is coming from. Agh!!!!

And to add on to Marth Stewart's chinchillas... Why do people make coats out of them? They're the size of a fucking squirrel! Who pondered the idea that if they took these tiny little creatures, killed a bunch of them, and made one fucking coat out of their carcasses, they would make loads of money? And what's wrong with fake fur? You can't tell the difference! Fucking people... Oh, yeah. And leather! It smells like ass! Why would you own something made of ass-smelling crap?! Ugh!

Damn people... I'm done... off to go study...
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So I'm pulling out of the supermarket and some one honks. I'm like don't piss me off there's no where I can go. So this kid behind me goes when I do and it goes from two lanes to 1. He starts swerving all over the place and cuts me off to get in. This absolutely pisses me off to no end. So I flip him off. He starts to get all wiggerish, you know one hand on the wheel, leaning into the passenger seat. Then he begins to say shit while looking at me in his rear view. So I signal for him to pull over. He won't. Finally he does so I do to next to him. He opens his window and i'm like "What the fuck is your problem?" He said he's been up since 5am and is like you wanna go? I'm like so who paid for that car your parents? He's like obviously not. I'm like wtf does that mean? So he gets out his car and is like why don't you get out. He's like 5'10" 140lbs. I'm thinking i've had such a bad two days that if I hit this kid i'm not gonna stop and put him in the hospital. So I was like it's not worth my time and it's not worth losing my job. So I drove off.

Why is it these kids think they're such god damn hardasses? He had to be maybe 21.
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Dave has inspired me to rant about the crap that's been buggin me for days. People... again...

People and their lack of consideration for others. People and their selfishness, their greediness, their bullshit! I'll break it down:

Children: I fucking hate them! And I would rather have my ovaries removed than to have to deal with having a child. They're spoiled and they think they can do whatever they want. Why? Because they're kiiiids. Shut the hell up! I hate them! They're annoying, and they whine! And you know what else is annoying? Children with cell phones. WTF?!?! Why should a 7-year-old have a phone?! "Mommy! I'm across the street playing with Billy!" "OK, son. Be back by 6!" WORTHLESS!! Children don't go anywhere, and they're too irresponsible to handle a cell phone. They can't even handle themselves!! Agh! And another thing that's annoying is adults acting like children. Grow up, asshole!! At least you can help your lack of maturity! Fuck!

Teens: I already ranted about those sum'bitches. Hate 'em. Can't understand 'em.

Old people: According to Maddox (of maddox.xmission.com), "old people should be eaten!" I agree with that. They think they're supposed to catch breaks because they're old. Fuck them!!! Yeah, sure. I'll repsect you up front, but know that I really hate you inside. You drive like shit and you hold up grocery lines when you're counting change to buy a whole cart of groceries!!! Stay in your damn rocking chair and get someone else to get shit for you!!

And another thing that's a personal pet peeve of mine. I fucking hate when people stare at me. Is there something on my face? No? THEN TURN THE FUCK AROUND!!! Man! And it's not like they glance once. No no. They look again!! Is there something on my face now? No? THEN WHY'D YOU LOOK AT ME AGAIN, BITCH!! Or when people watch me when I draw. Do I watch you when you write in your diary? I thought not. So don't rape my concentration and fuck me up when I'm trying to draw! I hate being looked at by people I can't stand, and that's pretty much everyone except for a select few. Alright. I'm done. Agh!!!! Fuck people!
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i am really starting to get sick of these cops who turn on their lights just to go through a red light or intersection!! what gives them the authori-TI?!?!?!?! jerks! im sure Tim Horton's will have plenty of doughnuts in the 5 extra minutes it takes to get there. and now ambulances are starting to do it too. some ambulance was parked out in front of Subway. the EMT came out with a 12 incher and hops in the body bus....flicks on the siren and speeds away.....im like "YOU BASTARD!!! GO EAT YOUR TOASTY SAMMICH WHILE SOMEONE LIES DYING IN THE STREET!!!" fucking bastards.....

alright thats all i got

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here is my first contribution, but i dont think this even classifies as a rant. i'm just venting for now.

why does this world have to be made of people who feel it is necessary to tell me that they are horny, sexually frustrated or otherwise "sexually" lonely? i'm really, truly, sick of it already. i just want to scream to these people that sex is not everything. society is not based on sex, could we please talk about something else? i dont want to hear about your kinky little things that no friend should ever know. i dont want to hear about how many partners you had. i think that i what i shall start doing, being upfront about how i dont want to, nor need to hear about those types of things. so the next person to start in about their sex lives, BEWARE. lol

its sickening and im done with it.

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