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The · El-Jay · Mafia

been a while eh?

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so today i decided for lunch i wanted something good. so i went to Tim Horton's and got a turkey club. the lady that was making it seemed extremely pissed off about having to make it. its like if you dont want to make them dont put it on the damn menu. they always seemed pissed when i order it. also it was at like 9:15 in the morning so she had to cook some bacon and stuff. if you dont want to make them that early then limit the time of sale on them! stupid!

and they always screw up my order. most of the time when i say i want it toasted they dont toast it. when i say no tomato they put tomato. one time the lady almost fucking forgot the bacon! if theres not bacon then its not a club! stupid lady! go back to mexico! work in a sweatshop. i also saw the lady scratch her ear.....its like WTF thats gonna be touching my lettuce and turkey and everything else! what the fuck you dirty mexican!!! go work at taco bell where youll know what youre doing!

and this is more proof that fast food workers are beyond retarded.
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On May 31st, 2005 03:27 pm (UTC), timmy_yak commented:
Oh boy.
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